…England´s had a hard time lately.

Iceland footballFirst the shock and utter stupidity of Brexit, followed by the humiliation of UEFA-exit. Not-so-Great Britain anymore, huh ?

I´ve never been a sports fan, and definitely not ever before watched an entire game of football (yes, that´s what it´s called, soccer is something only Americans say). While perhaps the most popular athletic activity in the world, I´ve always found it quite boring and uninteresting. Until now, that is.

Although my Swedish national team made a disastrous performance, being kicked out of the 2016 European Championship after just a few very unconvincing games, it´s been a real treat following the success of my wife´s homeland – Iceland. A team recruited from a population of slightly over 300 000 inhabitants, but still able to keep even score with nations like Portugal and Hungary, as well as winning over Austria and tonight England. However well deserved, it´s still nothing less than a heroic feat by a bunch of young guys showing equal amounts of talent and  unique team spirit.

I strongly suspect the English are sleeping badly tonight, plagued by recurrent nightmares of repeatedly being sacked by Vikings. And so they should.


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