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…the new “It” movie is a disappointment.

I still remember the publication of Stephen King´s novel “It” in 1986. The book was rich with many of his recurring themes – the special types of friendships between prepubescent teens, young persons doing their best to survive abuse from those they are dependent on and the strange change from adolescence to being a grown-up.

What I remember most is how the reading of this book managed to scare me out of my wits even at an age of 20+. This was really creepy stuff and I don´t think King has ever written anything as good as this.

The material was of course ripe for movie adaptation, and the first attempt came with the two episode mini TV-series broadcasted in 1990, not leaving any lasting impressions. The feature film released in 2017 attempted to take the story further, with a follow-up planned for 2019. While given mostly positive reviews I still find this production to be a disappointment.

The acting is pretty formulaic and not even the much publicized performance of Bill Skarskård as Pennywise the clown actually adds that much drama. It´s of course possible that the second installment of the story will lift it above it´s current pedestrian status. Somehow I´m not so sure about that.