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…older music rules.

I was born in the 60`s and grew up along with many of the defining moments of popular culture. My first significant musical memory is seeing Elvis Presley singing “Hound Dog” on a Swedish television broadcast of some American show he did. It was unlike anything I´d previously experienced. Despite not exactly being an Elvis fan today, I can still remember this moment. There was an energy there that forever transformed me, this was my thing.

All through my life music has been a constant companion, with perhaps a little too much influence during my formative years. I´m still following what´s happening and buying albums from new groups and artists. However, recently I´ve become much more interested in the older stuff. Things I listened to as a teenager and in my twenties. The past year I´ve spent a lot of time playing old Neil Young records. The early ones are so good, exactly as good as some of the newer ones are bad. From Buffalo Springfield and onwards he had a couple of years of amazing creativity. Today I´ve spent a few hours learning and relearning some of his songs on guitar. What strikes you the most is the simplicity. The songs are often built around a few standard chord changes, but with beautiful and haunting melodies. A funny thing with Neil Young is that many of the songs exist in both breathtaking acoustic version, with really cool melodic embellishments on the guitar, as well as scorching electrical ones with solos to die for. It doesn´t get much better than this.