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…a book and a cigar can be a nice way of spending an evening.

Still very warm summer weather. After dinner I sat down on the patio behind the house starting a new book. I´ve recently finished the Neil Young autobiography (if that´s really what it should be called) “Waging Heavy Peace”. As a biography it´s quite unusual, no real structure and absolutely no chronology, but still a very entertaining and strangely enlightening read. It consists of a number of chapters of more or less flow of consiousness writings, that when put together in the reader´s mind will still give you an endearing and close-up view of the man. The style is very disarming and often close to naive. It´s a real treat, those who haven´t already read it should give it a go.

Waging heavy peace

The new book I´ve started is the latest offering from British novelist Ian McEwan. Well known for a series of novels with themes ranging from the rather macabre in the beginning of his career, to fairly popular and movie adapted ones like “Atonement”. His masterpiece in my view is “Saturday”, which chronicles an unfortunate series of events involving a London neurosurgeon and a small-time criminal. However, under the surface there are many layers to this intriguing story.

Sweet Tooth

The new one is called “Sweet Tooth” and tells the story of a young Cambridge student in the 70´s being groomed for the MI5. I´ve only read a few chapters and so far it´s a pretty easy read. No real feeling for where this one is heading. My friend G. didn´t like it that much, too lightweight, neither did the wife. His last one before this, “Solar”, was also sort of colourless, come to think of it. Well, I guess we´ll see.

During reading I índulged in my latest vice, cigar-smoking. We´ll deal with the rationale of a medical professional like myself taking up such a habit at the age of 50 some other time. For now, let´s just say that it was a highly enjoyable combination. The cigar in question was an Aramits Grand Robusto from Navarre, the only cigar-maker using exclusively French tobacco. Those interested can read more about it here http://cigare-navarre.com/en/.
It´s only the third time that I try one of these, and I must confess I really like them. Fairly light in colour and with a smooth and fine-veined wrapper (more about the anatomy of a cigar some other time). Burns well and has an easy draw, with light and elegant taste. It has a mild earthy tone with an almost perfume-like sweetness to it. As you reach the final half, light coffee-notes start to appear. A really good introduction for a novice like me, and one that I believe even the wife could enjoy. As a disclaimer, I must state that I´m absolutely not encouraging anybody to smoke. However, if you choose to and remember not to inhale you should do just fine.

Navarre cigar