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…Tex-Mex BBQ is enough to make a man happy.

It´s the middle of August and you can feel the coming autumn in the chill of late nights and early mornings. This is our first summer in the new house and having a back patio makes barbecue an option that wasn´t available while living in a condo. My Weber Summit has been in extensive use all through summer, and tonight Texas wet ribs is on the menu.

Here we have nice back ribs from the local butcher with a home-made rub, on the grill.

Wet ribs 01

Cooked with indirect grilling and a lot of mesquite smoke.

Wet ribs 02

Tried a new recipe for guacamole, this one was supposed to be really smooth and needed the use of a blender. Usually I make it a lot more chunky.

Wet ribs 03

Tasted ok, but the wife prefers the chunky one. Probably not going to do this one again.

Along with the ribs you have the barbecue sauce, and all the ingredients are prepared.

Wet ribs 04

After letting it simmer for about an hour you´re left with a sticky sauce that will coat the ribs nicely

Wet ribs 05

Just a brief searing on the grill and the ribs are ready, served with elotes, guacamole and tortilla chips.

Wet ribs 06

No beer today, only water. Still, it doesn´t get much better than this.